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Off-grid Luxury: One of the Largest private residences in Australia goes eco-friendly

Fusion Power Systems were commissioned to supply a solar energy storage system for one of the most innovative and largest new-build private residences in Australia. The owner of the property desired to, as much as possible, remove his home from the electricity grid – a four-storey house that would include signi cant living spaces, a wall-heated swimming pool, multiple spas, and geothermal heating.

Feeding off more than 100 Risen photovoltaic roof installed solar panels to charge a 160 kWh capacity array of Aquion battery storage system. This Melbourne eco-home has virtually removed itself from the power grid – even while wall-heating its large swimming pool, spas and powering its living spaces.


Bakken Hale: Largest solar-battery off-grid home in the world

The Bakken Hale installation includes a 170kW solar array and 1MWh of Aqueous Hybrid Ion batteries from US battery developer Aquion Energy.

It will serve an average load of 23kW and peak load of 42kW (this is some house!). Just to compare, the average load for suburban homes is less than 2kW. The installation will reduce our fossil fuel usage by 97 percent.


Salinas, Puerta Rico: Sonnedix launches 1.25 MWh Aquion battery project

The Aqueous Hybrid Ion battery will provide 100% of the overnight operational energy requirements for the 16 MW Horizon Energy solar plant in Salinas, Puerto Rico.

Aquion developed its Aqueous Hybrid battery in Pittsburgh, U.S., and sees the Puerto Rico project as an opportunity to test the system’s load-shifting performance in real world circumstances.


Redwood Gate Ranch: Dramatically reducing reliance on diesel generators

The owners of a luxury ranch in a pristine, remote area in Jenner, California need continuous access to reliable power but are located outside of the utility’s service territory. Connecting the property to the grid was costly and diesel generators were not an option due to noise, pollution, and cost.

The solution was to implement a microgrid using solar and batteries with a small backup generator. By using Aquion Energy M-Line Modules the owners were able to save over 8 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.


La Honda: 90kWh Off-Grid Residential System in California, USA

An off-grid residence in La Honda, California had aging lead acid batteries that were only capable of 10% depth of discharge cycling.

By implementing a replacement system that is cleaner, more robust, more efficient, and can be installed easily in the available space, the house is able to save over 10 metric tons of CO2. On top of the environmental benefits the new installation is quiet, clean, safe, and sustainable.


Suvarnabhumi Airport: 23.5 Kilometer Cycling Track

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok features a 23.5 cycling track. The 'Sky Lane' could only be used during the day due to poor lighting. While the cost of running the lights was high, an off-grid setup was desirable and comparatively affordable.

The track now features over 700 independent off-grid systems, each with solar-powered LED lights and an Aquion battery. This green intiative not only makes Suvarnabhumi the first airport with a cycling track to facilitate nighttime riding but also accommodates up to 14,000 more riders during nighttime hours.


American Samoa: Reduction of 832 tons in carbon dioxide output

The Manu’a Island group is located approximately 60 miles east of the main island. The location presented many challenges including being extremely remote and prone to natural disasters. Manu'a is also highly dependent on imported diesel which is costly and damaging to the local environment.

To meet the needs of local domestic and light industrial needs, a 250kW solar system and a 1.25MWh Aquion storage system were implemeneted. This reduced CO2 emissions by 832 tons and diesel fuel consumption of 284,000 liters annually.


Stone Edge Farm: Microgrid Organic Farm and Winery, California

Stone edge farm has the goal of seeing how far below zero carbon emissions they can go. The search for a sustainable, clean, and safe battery led them to the Aquion range.

A 350 kWh high-coltage storage solution connected to a 23kW solar array allowed the farm to meet carbon emissions reduction goals without any change to "lifestyle" in terms of consumption.


Lady Elliot Island: Reduced reliance on diesel generators at pristine eco-resort

Lady Elliot Island is the southernmost coral cay of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. The island is home to a small eco-resort and an airstrip. Being in such a unique, beautiful and enivronmentally fragile part of the world makes conservation paramount.

After the initial installation of traditional lead acid batteries it was time to take the leap to Aquion Hybrid Ion technology. This move to a cleaner, greener alternative resulted in a reduction in diesel consumption from 680 liters per day to just 90 liters per day.

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